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Issue 6 – From the Publisher

Like any group, our community of private cinema enthusiasts can choose. To leave our destiny for fate to determine or create a destiny of our own design. The former also referred to as a “default destiny” in the lexicon of organizational experts, will always occur if the participants fail to…

Issue 5 – From the Publisher

Celebrating Excellence What makes a community? Essentially, it is sharing passions, pursuits and enlightenment, experiences, and opportunities. Communities are melting pots. Diversity in ideas, skills, and inspirations amplifies the group’s efforts. Successful communities embody a purpose. Core values and objectives that are interdependent with those of the diverse groups within….

From the Publisher

The community of private cinema connoisseurs is akin to a tapestry. A complex weave of many threads, diverse themes, scenes, and stories, in some way united. The more we look the more there is to see. Creatives with messages, arts, and emotions to share. Technicians with innovation, unimaginable futures to…

From the Publisher

Coming of Age The coming-of-age theme inspires many beloved films. American Graffiti, Sixteen Candles, Stand By Me. What are some of your all-time favorites? Those empathy evoking 90 minutes spent pulling for someone caught up in such a struggle, make for some of the most memorable movies in film history….

From the Publisher

Dreams, Destiny and Design. Words that represent both action and outcome if we consider that to reach our destiny, we must first dream and then design a way. And, if our dream is indeed our destiny, which came first, that destiny or the dream? Those who achieve their goals don’t…

Message from the Publisher

The story of private cinema is in some ways like that of the movies.  Seemingly out of the ether, both phenomena reached lofty heights, rather quickly. Private cinema and film share much common ground. One commonality is that film, like private cinema is experiential.  The great ones are so judged…

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