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Immersive Music, A Connoisseur’s Experience and Insight

FORWARD As a musician, the term immersive music seems redundant. All music is immersive and should be presented that way. Unfortunately, for many today, music is not experienced immersively. The sensation of being in an ensemble, performances in intimate venues, or great halls is unknown to many. Immersive audio technology…

Pursuit of Perfection: Passion, Performance and Standards of Excellence

The Luxury Private Cinema has arrived as de rigueur for those who value the finer things. More so now with the greater emphasis and value placed on the at-home experience. The personal movie, music, and media pursuits of many are being shared more intimately and more extraordinarily than ever before….

Unsung Heroes

Have you ever stayed in your seat and watched the credits after a movie?  Sometimes it is just a good strategy to let the crowds clear, sometimes we just want to stay in the moment after a particularly impactful closing scene, sometimes we want to know who played a particular…

The Immersive Environment

Have you ever been so drawn into a film that you forgot you were sitting in a cinema? That transportive experience, known as “the willing suspension of disbelief”, is ultimately the goal of every filmmaker. An artistic work has done its job when it is able to pull the audience…

2nd Time Around - Atherton, California

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