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September 21, 2022

The community of private cinema connoisseurs is akin to a tapestry. A complex weave of many threads, diverse themes, scenes, and stories, in some way united. The more we look the more there is to see. Creatives with messages, arts, and emotions to share. Technicians with innovation, unimaginable futures to experience now. And finally, connoisseurs with the desire for more, deeper and more transcendent experiences, creating a demand that requires those creatives and technicians to excel. Together building a future unimaginable without the contributions of the community and those who have come before. A destiny, extraordinary by design. A worthy cause and aspiration.

Every thread and every story are essential to the tapestry and should be recognized, celebrated and encouraged. This issue celebrates the women in our community with stories of artists, technicians and mentors. These women we single out are woven into the tapestry with stories, that connect the community in vital ways, building new stories, inspiring new opportunities and sharing the accomplishments of those who provide platforms for the next generation of excellence.

We are also celebrating experiences. From what to anticipate when watching this issues feature film, to why going, not the extra mile but the essential mile to assure a private cinema is doing the artists justice and giving the audience what those artists intended. After all, that is a connoisseur’s purpose, the authenticity of art and in this case, the experience.

We celebrate accomplishment. Few pursuits of passion provide as rich a palate for so many artists to create from as the private cinema. Stories, imaging, sound, drama, design, engineering and innovation to name a few from the extensive list. This issue celebrates accomplishment within our community that even goes beyond this community and represents accomplishment for society at large. A singular individual who has given billions of people reason to applaud. A legacy of creative excellence, passion and grace that can serve as a launching platform for those that follow, should they choose to continue the journey to new heights.

Finally, we celebrate a segment of our tapestry when CEDIA Expo returns in full force. With this year’s Keynote focused on content and recent CEDIA podcasts and discussions about the importance of the artist’s creative intent, this year’s Expo is an opportunity to connect the threads of artistry, innovation and experience in private cinemas throughout our cinema connoisseur community.  The Cinema Connoisseur will be at CEDIA participating in panel discussions, feature presentations and spreading the word about the community. Check out our The Cinema Connoisseur at CEDIA page to find us at the show!

If you are a member of this community, take a look at the tapestry and find what scenes and stories you are a part of. Look closely at those threads that connect you. If an artist, are you also an enthusiast? If a technician, do you feel the artist’s passion? Do you cry, does your bicycle fly and do you believe, when you gather in your private cinema and become the audience? It is our community and what we make it is what it will be. Let’s make it a community to celebrate.

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