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June 15, 2022

Coming of Age

The coming-of-age theme inspires many beloved films. American Graffiti, Sixteen Candles, Stand By Me. What are some of your all-time favorites? Those empathy evoking 90 minutes spent pulling for someone caught up in such a struggle, make for some of the most memorable movies in film history. Why is that? It may be that each of us has experienced our own coming-of-age and we gravitate toward experiences we share. Private Cinema is coming-of-age. The novelty of being the next new thing has long since passed and the luxury status of private cinema has emerged from home theater’s commoditization identity crisis, where even an iPhone with earbuds somehow qualified. But if the respect and admiration of a growing community of enthusiasts are to be sustained, a level of maturity must be private cinema’s self-imposed mandate.

Like the friends in Stand By Me, private cinema doesn’t have to go it alone. Nor do private cinema connoisseurs who are navigating their way to acquiring their own dream cinema. Pursuit of Perfection, this issue’s Cinema Intelligence feature, will inform you of initiatives within the industry to assure private cinema enthusiasts a standard of excellence based on measurable criteria instead of opinion. Learn too of some in the industry who are already basing their work on delivering verifiable quality and performance. This kind of maturity in our industry will result in improvements that are, well, immeasurable! For some, the road is long but well worth it. Discoveries made along the way open their eyes to new pathways that would have been missed were it not for the experience gained. Don’t miss The Buffalo Run Cinema Story for a tale of three cinemas.

Nearly three decades and a timely homecoming lead to the ultimate private cinema that serves as a cornerstone of a couple’s forever home. Just in time to be well served by an experienced and capable team of private cinema pros! What better way to celebrate private cinema coming-of-age than with a film from the franchise that arguably started it all! Rogue One: A Star Wars Story represents a new chapter in the franchise’s history. New characters, a new composer, a new idea. A movie that puts stormtroopers on the ground and opens the door to some stunning cinematography at locations on a planet not so far away. Enjoy the scenery and soundscape described in this month’s Cinema Sommelier review when you watch Rogue One in your luxury private cinema!

Thankfully we can again move about our neighborhoods, cities, the country and beyond like we had grown accustomed to. Still, lessons learned when we could not, should not be ignored. One such lesson is the impact our home’s environment has on our well-being. Another is opportunities to improve our mental and physical health at home. It got even better when we learned that good music, movies and a great private cinema are in fact good medicine! Read Cinema Currents to learn how a prescription of “chair time” in your private cinema is good for what ails you! Over 100 years ago Italian film theoretician, Ricciotto Canudo, defined film as the 7th art. Today, research has proven this relatively new form of art eclipses all others in its ability to influence individuals and society alike.

Art is recognized as important and impacting societies, in many ways describing the contemporaries of the artists themselves. Read Cinema Inspiration to discover how film in fact wields the art world’s greatest power to inspire us, to change us. The private cinema. Shared entertainment experiences foster well-being and inspiration. Those who have them will not be denied the privilege. Truly a worthy pursuit provided by those and for those with a passion for perfection. The cinema connoisseurs themselves. Coming-of-age, indeed!

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