Message from the Publisher

January 13, 2022

The story of private cinema is in some ways like that of the movies. 

Seemingly out of the ether, both phenomena reached lofty heights, rather quickly. Private cinema and film share much common ground. One commonality is that film, like private cinema is experiential.  The great ones are so judged by their effect on the audience. A great movie experienced in an exceptional theater is transcendent!  What is not shared though is the buzz.  Everyone is talking about the movies. The industry, the press and the audience are all talking! But who is talking about the private cinema?

Private cinema is hiding in plain sight.  While everyone knows about home theater, the screen, all the speakers, the kids play games on it, it’s pretty common!  It is precisely this overfamiliarity that diminishes the home theater, inducing us to take it for granted.  Contrast that with the movies.  They are beloved because they are grand!  Products of considerable effort and investment and as a result, the audience demands more!  

Thus, a community has emerged.  A community of professionals, performers and most vitally, the public. Such a community, built around a beloved interest, fosters enthusiasm creating an environment that supports growth.  It is self-perpetuating. Not dependent on industry promotion alone, the community supports independent media, discourse and a following that increases awareness, excitement and ultimately an understanding of the value that the movies represent to it’s community.  Many pursuits enjoy a similar advantage. Enthusiasts drive the fortunes of most so called passion pursuits.  From fine wine, art and jewelry to luxury automobiles and superyachts, the enthusiasts act of their own accord to elevate the things they love. The enthusiasts benefit and so do the objects of their desire.  

Private cinema on the other hand remains a hidden treasure. Those in the know tend to be in the business or, in the case of private cinema enthusiasts, people who are inherently private in nature.  Publications that currently serve private cinema tend to be industry oriented and non-specific, and while covering private theater, do so from a trade or industry point of view and do not focus on private cinema alone nor the profound values that owners of private cinemas have discovered. The Cinema Connoisseur changes all that.  

The raison d’ê·tre of The Cinema Connoisseur is to further the awareness and advance the cause of the private cinema. Our features will include: Cinema Stories – personal journeys of private cinema owners; Cinema Sommelier – reviews that will enrich your night at the movies; Cinema Intelligence – insights into things that will make your private cinema better; Cinema Currents – news that will keep cinema connoisseurs in the know; Cinema Inspiration – insights from thought leaders to inspire private cinema connoisseurs to even greater enjoyment. These explorations and others will open our collective eyes to what possibilities await the community of private cinema connoisseurs. This all started with a dream to create, led to a vision to create this community and will lead to ever more as we share what we love about the private cinema, the experience nonpareil!  Thank you for being part of these dreams!

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