The Cinema Connoisseur Volume 1 Issue 1

Vol. 1 Issue 1

The Cinema Connoisseur, Edition 1

Message from the Publisher

The story of private cinema is in some ways like that of the movies.  Seemingly out of the ether, both phenomena reached lofty heights, rather quickly. Private cinema and film share much common ground. One commonality is that film, like private cinema is experiential.  The great ones are so judged…

5 Shadows in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

How Silence Enhances the Audio and Visual Fear Factor in A Quiet Place

If silence rules in A Quiet Place, this movie breaks all the rules, delivering a multitude of amazing demo scenes. The movie masterfully highlights the true impact sound has on storytelling. The irony: it’s the absence of sound that makes this movie great. The lack of sound, in some cases,…


The Tale of Two Cinemas

“I get more excitement” is the owner’s response when asked why excellence over compromise is worth the effort to pursue in those things he loves.  The question posed to the owner of not one but two Paradise Theaters is particularly relevant.  A consummate connoisseur of a life well-lived, he exudes…

5 Shadows in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Immersive Environment

Have you ever been so drawn into a film that you forgot you were sitting in a cinema? That transportive experience, known as “the willing suspension of disbelief”, is ultimately the goal of every filmmaker. An artistic work has done its job when it is able to pull the audience…

2nd Time Around - Atherton, California

A Coming of Age, The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Fine art has The Louvre, The Met and Mus’ee d’Orsay.  Fine motorcars, Cité de l’Automobile.  Now Film, the industry and artform most vital to private cinema, has The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.  Opening October 1, 2021, nearly a decade after the Academy selected architect Renzo Piano to lead the design and…

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Redefining Luxury

Is luxury a term that suggests things worthy of our desire?  For those accustomed to the finer things, this has become a valid question.  Traditionally, the luxury designation indicated a product, service, or experience that was, due to the quality of materials, workmanship and intellect, clearly superior. If that definition…

Cozy Contemporary Home Theater in Santa Barbara, California
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