Issue 6 – From the Publisher

September 6, 2023

Like any group, our community of private cinema enthusiasts can choose. To leave our destiny for fate to determine or create a destiny of our own design. The former also referred to as a “default destiny” in the lexicon of organizational experts, will always occur if the participants fail to take action. The result is an organization, or in our case a community, that sees its fate as, well, fate. A community stuck in a status quo, unwilling to create a better reality. This condition is evidenced by opinions like, “It has always been this way.” “There is nothing we can do.” or even “That will never happen.”. This last assertion I have heard often when sharing my vision of a community of private cinema enthusiasts. Connoisseurs, if you will, include private cinema owners, both current and aspirational, artists who create film and other media, consultants collaborating in the creation of private cinemas, public media outlets, and, of course, our industry. This fate has never been our intent. We have always sought public awareness and for more to share our love of private cinema. But we have not found a way to break through a barrier to broad public awareness, appreciation, and participation. It is an obstacle we must overcome! In this issue’s Cinema Currents feature, CEDIA, Expo, and The Cinema Connoisseur Community, discover what the consensus of leading industry veterans is on this and what is being done to assure private cinema remains an even greater amenity worthy of a vibrant and passionate community of followers! 

This issue’s Cinema Sommelier covers the long-awaited Avatar, The Way of Water. It is one of my favorite Cinema Sommeliers to date! When I read the submission by our esteemed partners at Kaleidescape content team, our guest sommelier, Kevin Cook of Amplified Lifestyles, and especially our Vintner, re-recording mixer, Michael Hedges, a member of the “super-group” sound team created for the film, it brings back fond memories of seeing (and hearing) Avatar, The Way of Water, the “shortest” 3-hour movie I have ever experienced (how time flies when we are so artfully transported). Cue it up on your Kaleidescape server, invite some friends to your private cinema, and experience it the way the artists intended for you!

Awareness cuts both ways, but sometimes things work out for the best anyway. That is the case of our Cinema Stories subject, who noted the private theaters he had seen previously “felt like an afterthought.” Fortunately, the couple decided “to do it the right way.” Read Entertainer’s Delight to find out how they took a team of cinema connoisseurs on a journey of discovery and delight. The couple, already members of the fashion, design, media, and film communities, adds luxury private cinema to their repertoire of passion pursuits.

Imagine a time when movies meant a truly special occasion. Anticipation would grow all week, and when that Saturday finally came, your mom dropped you off, or you walked up to the box office with your date, or you treated your entire family to that fanciful world with a night at the theater. What if you and your party were greeted by a welcoming and enthusiastic host, ready to guide you into a time of transcendence? Welcome to the cinematic world at the time of Harry Francis, called by many the Godfather of Westwood. His presence and influence in the Hollywood theater community quite literally changed lives. Imagine a new time, yourself as that host, sharing inimitable moments together with beloved friends and family in your private cinema! This issue’s Cinema Inspiration Feature tells a true story from the cinema connoisseur community of passion, inspiration, and legacy!

Film, the seventh art, is beloved universally. A fact made clear by all the interest around the Oscars, rebounding box office numbers, not to mention viewing and re-viewing in private cinemas. However, the attention heaped on the high-profile segments of the industry obscures the contributions of equally artistic and arguably as vital, unsung heroes of sound, editing,  cinematography, score, and others. In fact, some of the elements cinema connoisseurs love most are the direct results of this artistry. Don’t miss Cinema Intelligence and join some of us in the cinema connoisseur community who do watch the credits! Fun fact, credits are generally accompanied by great music as well as the infamous post-credit scene (but that is a subject for another article)!

I hope you enjoy issue 6 of The Cinema Connoisseur and, like us, find the more we discover of this extraordinary pursuit, the more there is to explore!

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