Vol. 1 Issue 5

The Cinema Connoisseur, Edition 5

Issue 5 – From the Publisher

Celebrating Excellence What makes a community? Essentially, it is sharing passions, pursuits and enlightenment, experiences, and opportunities. Communities are melting pots. Diversity in ideas, skills, and inspirations amplifies the group’s efforts. Successful communities embody a purpose. Core values and objectives that are interdependent with those of the diverse groups within….

Dune Dawns New Age of Sci-Fi Filmmaking

A Message from the Cinema Connoisseur I recall reading Dune in high school a few years after its publication. I had discovered the science-fiction and fantasy genres and was drawn into the dramatically contrasting universes of the future and alternate past. In one aspect, I found reading Dune more akin…

Beverly Hills DCI, A Most Beautiful Cinema Story

Some cinema stories begin with a history waiting to be discovered. Hidden pasts, a tapestry of tales awaiting the perfect moment to emerge. Such is the story of a remarkable private cinema in the hills overlooking the Los Angeles skyline and the Pacific Ocean. “I bought a property that had…

DVLED and Private Cinema Audio

The pursuit of perfection in sight and sound Much has been said of late about private cinema video. Specifically about direct view LED displays (DVLED). These displays undoubtedly offer some compelling features, including virtually unlimited brightness and contrast, vivid color, high dynamic range and many design advantages. This is not…

Dr. Floyd E. Toole

A Professional Life Well Lived If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? An age-old debate: Perception versus reality. Let’s consider “Hi-Fi” audio and another recurring debate: What equates to good sound? How do we reproduce sound perfectly? Is it a…

Our Emerging Community’s Year In Review

Forward During our inaugural year, we have become a community – connecting and caring while celebrating life’s triumphs and bearing challenges together. A community continually growing and maturing through support and mutual strength, we emerge with a renewed sense of belonging, committed to standing side by side and embracing our…

5 Shadows in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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