Holiday Warmth In Front Of A Big Screen

by  dwelltek
November 24, 2022

My heart has a special place where I store my fondest memories. Right at the top of that secret vault is the first time my parents brought me to a movie theater. I was captivated and convinced that everything was real and that I was a part of a world that came into existence right before my eyes! The movie? Jurassic Park and the music, scored and conducted by maestro John Williams, reawakens those feelings to this day (see John Williams: Endlessly Compelling )! Such déjà vu moments are like a treasure trove of memories magically unlocked by the music, special effects and stories told in a movie. 

My family has always been fond of watching movies. One of our favorite movie theaters is IPic Theaters in Westwood, California. Known as a luxury cinema experience, these are public versions of the luxury private cinemas designed and engineered by Paradise Theater. Watching a movie there gives one a glimpse of what the experience is like in one of these truly luxury private cinemas. A glimpse that has inspired us, as nascent cinema connoisseurs to start creating a homey private theater of our own. A work in progress that brings into focus all the details and expertise that goes into a private cinema in order to be able to experience all the artistry that makes our favorite films capable of unlocking those treasured memories.

With the memories of the Thanksgiving festivities and the Christmas holiday right around the corner, an opportunity to share special moments follows. We love to celebrate the holidays and that part of celebrating that is the bonding of family and friends. First dinner, then dessert, then a movie to cap off the night. A moment of laughter, or maybe tears as we gather in front of a big screen, immersed in a cinematic universe of sound while sipping wine and enjoying desserts, entirely spellbound in the story. A beautiful shared experience that is, in fact, good for you! (see Why Private Cinema Is Good For Your Health )

In today’s hectic race for technological advancement, owning a private cinema is so much more. It is a luxury that encourages sharing moments and adds to the true qualities of life. I am thankful to be a part of that as a member of Team Paradise. Experiencing the reaction of those served by Paradise Theater when they first enjoy their private cinema and are transported by that experience nonpareil. It is a blessing to be part of something so elevating. Each one holds a special place in my heart.

Wishing You and Yours a Wonderful Holiday Season!

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